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Important puja guidelines 2020

As we start our annual Durga puja celebrations from tomorrow, we would like to share a few very important guidelines.

1. Due to covid -19 , Bharati Durga puja 2020 is only for members of Bharati. Kindly share this information with your friends.

2. As all of you are aware, we celebrate Durga Puja and other events at the India Thai Chamber of Commerce (ITCC). You will  appreciate the convenience of attending the puja across five days in an air-conditioned premise, clean washrooms, the convenience of having an attached kitchen and the convenience of a central location. If we would like to continue enjoying our puja in such comfort, all of us will – both adults and children, have to take care of it jointly. We also need to be on the lookout proactively and step in to rectify any damage as and when we see it. 

Children are not privy to these mails.  Hence, it becomes the responsibility of us parents to ensure that our children take due care. Please note the following :

a. Food is not allowed inside the Main Hall when puja is going on. It should be consumed in the Food Hall only.

b. Please ensure children do not carry food to the ground floor or any other areas of the Hall.

c. Please ensure children do not scratch, colour the walls, nick the woodwork.

d. Please ensure children do not make  pencil marks , stick labels or stickers on the walls too. 

3. ITCC has not given permission for sindur-khela this year. All members are requested to co-operate. There will only be debi-boron. 

4.  Since it is a member only event, arrangements for food coupons have not been made.

5. We should try to vacate ITCC Hall by 10 pm each night.

We look forward to your support and co-operation .  

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