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Maha Saptami Greetings, puja timings and Events for the Day

Bharati’s Durga puja started yesterday, albeit virtually. We hope you enjoyed the Agomoni songs and dance recital by our members in the cultural program too. Please find the details  for today’s puja and cultural program and the link for attending the same.

KINDLY JOIN THE GOOGLE LINK DURING THE BROADCAST TIMING. The google meet link remains the same across all days and evenings and for both puja and cultural programs.

Kindly note that Pushpanjali, Sandhya arati will be organized at the stipulated time mentioned and there will be no repetition.  All participants are also requested to ensure they are on ‘Mute’ mode. If you are facing any technical difficulties joining the google meet, please call Abhijit Roy (0944866248) or Amitabh Mukherjee (0800232100) for assistance

SCHEDULE FOR MAHA SAPTAMI (All timings are Thailand time)

Date and Day12th October – Tuesday
Morning PujaStarts at 9 am
Morning Broadcast Timing10 am – 11 am
Pushpanjali10.30 am – 11 am
Evening Broadcast Timing7.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Cultural Program7.30 pm – 7.45 pm
Evening pujaStarts at 8 pm

Cultural Program for Maha Saptami (7.30 pm to 7.45 pm Thailand Time)

Tushir Yogesh. Tushir is a Year Three student at Bangkok Prep International School. He started learning Indian Classical Music when he was not even five years old. His guru is Dr Anshu Chaturvedi. He will be singing a bhajan based on Raag Durga.

Sharmistha Banerjee. Sharmistha, our popular and talented member of the Bharati Family, will be reciting Rabindranath Thakur’s Pujar Saaj.

Chandrali Roy. Chandrali, or Pompi as we affectionately know her, will be Aigiri Nandini. Aigiri Nandini is a captivating chant that describes the divine nature of Goddess Durga. ‘Mahisasura Mardini’ means one who killed the Asura Mahisasura. Chanting the strotra is said to bring peace to the devotee and removes all fear and sadness. This strotram also removes obstacles from the path of the believer. 

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