Good News (Refund of Money)

Dear Picnic Goers, 

We are sure you would agree with us, that we had a super fantastic Picnic this year. Special thanks to the organisation committee once again for their relentless effort to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

Here comes another good news for all of you. If you have done your settlement at the time of check-out as per calculation mentioned by picnic committee, you would be surprised to know that you are entitled for a refund of THB 2000 each family. This will be given to only those who have settled their dues yesterday. If you have not settled your dues, you have to settle your dues mentioned minus this THB 2000. 

This was only possible for their bargaining power and contributions from Bharati. 

Now how to get this money back!! Please collect your share from Mr. Amit Kar on the day of Holi (March 19th), if you are attending. If you are not attending for some reasons, you will be contacted by picnic committee and the refund will be made. If you have not settled your bill, please settle ur dues as per calculation given above with Mr. Amit Kar on the same day. 

So feel more cheerful about “Picnic – 2017”. 

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